Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, this is a long story but I'll try to make it short.....I've been using and loving Sculpey 111 for a while now, I love the colors and especially the softness and easy conditioning..

However, I've been questioning it's ability to be strong and durable for some of the jewelry I'm I started reading....Tori Hughes wrote a wonderful book about using polymer clay to recreate the look of various natural's called "Polymer the Chameleon Clay" and in it she does a great job of showing how different brands of clay stack up according to durability, etc and in reading this I found that she greatly prefers I ordered some.

Wow...what a difference! I baked three identical shapes of clay, one was Sculpey, one was Fimo Classic and one was Fimo Soft.....I tried them for strength and immediately the Sculpey one snapped in my fingers...but both Fimos were strong and resisted I'm hooked on Fimo now

Ok, so I looked at the few other Fimo colors I had ordered and saw one Fimo Effects in Copper....I absolutely adored the color...I mean, it is luscious and juicy and altogether my new favorite.....

I had a scrap of a simple striped cane left over so I started playing....and added the copper as an accent piece....and actually, I'm pretty happy with the whole thing....I keep thinking of new exciting things to do in this format and that usually is a good thing...

So...that's the story of how this pendant came to be, how I fell in love with a new color and a new clay....


  1. Beautiful - I've found that mixing the clays gives the best of the brands - don't know if you tried that already?

  2. no, I haven't...but I'm open to just about anything, thanks