Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Group of New Pieces

My best friend, Susan, is setting up a show for me in Orlando next week. She and several other clay artists have opened a gallery called Claybodies...they mostly do ceramic work but have also included polymer....and up until yesterday I was working hard at getting everything done for that. Here are a few of the pieces I did for the show...

it's always fun to have a show to do, it gives me motivation to create work I might not otherwise.

In this case I've made some bangles... it's hard to stop once you get going on those...thanks to a wonderful tutorial from amazing polymer artist and fellow instructor with CraftEdu, Melanie West. She has a great Etsy store with bangles and tutorials here:
I learned to work on brass and found it very satisfying...I've never really covered anything before so it was a bit scary at first but now I feel like an old hand at it lol....

I also did a piece with wild stripes and a split pendant.....

and I think my most fun piece was this one....I took a painting I did some time back and made a transfer...something I learned from Kathleen Dustin's workshop....I can see myself going in this's what I've been wanting to do for a while now, combine polymer with my painting....

....speaking of painting, I am all set up and ready to photograph my first class for CraftEdu...nervous but excited.......I'll let you know how it goes...

Bye for now!


  1. Lauren - I can't believe how much your work grows and changes. Just gets better all the time! The work for the new shop is fabulous.

  2. Mmmmm...what lovely new discoveries.


  3. Oh Lauren, I love it when you explore and "try stuff" - Ooooolala! And my oh my, what beautiful bangles you have made, my dear! You put my attempts to shame, honestly. I especially love the turquoise one.... yum!

    And, in typical Mel fashion, I am only just getting around to saying a huge "THANK YOU!" for the Abrams Bump. You are too good to me. :) Now, go forth and play!

  4. OMG what gorgeous work! I especially Love the pastel stripes with split pendant. I have bookmarked you site and hope to get back soo to visit your past posts. Congratulations on being featured at PCD! Hope the CraftEdu goes just as smoothly as possible. I know you're going to be having some very excited students.

  5. Beautiful colors - beautiful work! I adore both pendants! I'm sure you'll do fantastic at the art show, if these pieces are any representation! Very, very nice!

  6. Your things are absolutely stunning. I'm curious your work has a beautiful matte finish. Is it your secret? Definetly want to see more of your work, you have a new fan.


  7. Thank you all...what lovely comments...

    LindaKay, sanding and a soft buffing is what I use for most of my pieces