Monday, February 16, 2009

Finding My Way....

I've been wrestling with "becoming" a polymer clay artist for a while now....for years I've enjoyed working with this medium off and on but never felt I knew enough about it to do anything serious....why do I feel it has to be serious anyway? It's like playing, really.

I've shared my angst with fellow EBSQ friends(a great online artists' community) and they've been great as me support, critiques, advice and sometimes just hugs...but I guess this journey is one you take least that's how it seems. The thing is....I love so many things about polymer clay that I am having a hard time finding my own voice. I keep jumping around and trying everything and end up with....a hodge podge lol...

But I guess this is my own way of evolving....and while I'm doing it I might as well share the ride..

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  1. Hi Lauren,
    Welcome to the blogosphere. It's actually pretty cool. Your site looks primo!