Monday, February 16, 2009

Where I Came From....

I started out in the seventies and eighties doing graphic art and illustration.

Then during the late eighties and nineties, my then husband and I collaborated on a line of
trompe l'oeil painted furniture that we sold at retail and wholesale art shows.

After about fifteen years, the marriage and the collaboration ended and I went back to art school, painted for a few years.

In the last few years I became obsessed with designing purses. Finally focused on the part I liked best, doing the handles. Particularly, resin handles. I do the originals with polymer clay, then make silicone molds and pour resin(dyed and with metal powders added, called cold casting). I sell them to purse makers on my website I've truly enjoyed doing this, especially working with polymer clay again.

In designing these handles, I'd missed using one day I played with some other polymer clay colors.....and soon I was making little sculptures and jewelry....(stay tuned)


  1. Ok, that still life with the tomato and yellow pepper....just blows me away. Actually, all your still lifes do. I'm so in love with them.