Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since I did those two pieces the other day I've been making things like crazy...I'm in love with colors against black....and I've been mostly doing earrings, which is something that lends itself well to this style and I'm so glad because I've usually had problems coming up with earring ideas....these aren't the greatest photos but I just wanted to get some up here to show you where I'm headed....I keep thinking of refinements and how to make them better and I'm loving all the ideas I have....the only problem is....these are way different from the style that got me into Baltimore this should be interesting....trying to integrate this colorful style with the earthy pendants I was doing when I applied...sigh...always something huh....


  1. And these earrings are quite gorgeous! Vibrant and happy, Wahoo!!!

  2. Hi, from a fellow Pennsylvanian!

    What I love about these is that they have the color sense of some of those vibrant Amish quilts we see sometimes - that burst of color on black, but with a very modern design and shape.

    I've recently been inspired to look at the colors I've chosen for my home and work from them. For me, it feels just as radical and fun.

    And I'm so jealous you had a workshop with Kathleen Dustin! Due to my own physical limitations that's never going to happen for me, but I keep hoping she'll write a book or four. Or make some DVDs.


  3. Thanks so much....I really enjoyed doing these...I'll have to give Amish quilst another look..
    You would love a Kathleen Dustin workshop...she is so generous with her invaluable information...I learned so much! Here's hoping she does a DVD some day....

  4. These make me think of Dorothy Greynolds colliding with Christi Friesen, exploding into something totally new. I love these!

  5. I was familiar with Christi Friesen's work but I had to look up Dorothy Greynolds(I'm only doing this for the last year or so)...and her both of them, so that's quite a compliment, Pat...thanks!

  6. Love these wonderful vibrant colours and they are stunning against the black!