Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy To Be Home

I'm so happy to be home....had a wonderful time in Florida, great workship with Kathleen Dustin(she rocks)and it was incredibly wonderful to see friends and family....but there's no place like home.

Soon I'll have some new work to share....the workshop was chock full of great ideas and techniques I doubt I would ever have figured out on my own....

Oh, if you were thinking of taking a vacation in Florida in October to beat the heat...think


  1. We loved having you here, Lauren. It was fun for us all. It was also great to see your wonderful work. And wouldn't you know its a little cooler this week.

  2. LOL....but of course it is....

    thanks again for being such a wonderful host...I only hope I can do it for you guys sometime....we'd love to have you anytime!