Friday, November 20, 2009

Some New Work...and a workshop pendant

I've finally photographed the pendant I did in Kathleen Dustin's workshop in October...she is such a lovely, gracious was a total pleasure to learn from her. It's easy to tell which one is that has the layers of color and pattern that is her was a joy to create and I've learned so many invaluable lessons...even things as simple as the proper temperature to bake Premo at(285 degrees)...and how to use a heat gun to get really good transparency....using prismacolor markers and pencils on baked many things that I never knew...thanks so much,'ve done more to advance the acceptance of polymer clay as a valid art/craft medium than anyone else I can think of....I'm so glad I had the chance to take your workshop...

So now what? lol...In the weeks I've been back I've gone round and round trying to figure out (still)what it is that makes me passionate about polymer clay...and what direction to go in..
I've had several false starts and got to that place where I felt like I was up against a wall's not so much that I don't have any's that I have so many that I don't know which is the real know? So I've done what I try to remember to do when I hit that wall....walk away and do something the hallway has been painted and I even have groups of framed pieces lying on the floor to be put up when the mood strikes me...and during that time several things seemed to come to the surface.
I've always loved black...with lots of I'm playing around with are two pieces I've done to start....
I also want to figure out how to incorporate some wonderful things I learned in the workshop...but that's for later...for now...this is sort of fun all by itself....


  1. Hi Lauren, glad you took the workshop from Kathleen! I did Kathleen's purse workshop as well as the translucent layering workshop back in June. I have adopted some of the tranlucent layering techniques into new pendants, haven't posted any yet but will soon.

    Caren Goodrich

  2. black is a great contrast with bright colors. think about complementaries as well - like how that red really pops next to the blue-ish/aqua color in the piece you posted on the right. i love the textured solid area and how they add an extra dimension.